What type of music do ya like?
My favorite is Folk music, especially Peter, Paul, & Mary.
Their music is timeless and in a lot of ways, needed today more then ever.

I was asked the other day what I thought of the government shut down?
My answer was simple: "I want to move to another country!"
And that is very true!
Am I a rat deserting a ship? You could say that if ya wish! But I look at it from a different perspective.
Over most of my 68 years I have seen & heard lots of Americans turn into a people that is greedy, self centered, prideful, uncaring, cheats, untrustworthy, etc. etc. etc. The land, as well as the people, are being raped!

I am NOT going to take sides in this issue of shut down. Cause we ALL are to blame and if things don't get straighten out in the next couple of weeks, I hate think what may happen.

We need the likes of Peter, Paul, & Mary now.
We need a hammer, a bell, & a song
But most of all we need to look inside ourselves and be better then we are now.

Just sayin'