6am- Cats tore bottom of window screen in bedroom & woke me from a very sound sleep! They did not escape but caught a frog.
6:10am- Rescued a large green tree frog from Tigs' mouth & finally caught it in bathroom!
6:11am- tossed frog outside with left hand-frog stuck to ceiling of north porch- it jumped to floor & sat there for a few mins. looking at me. It did have a puncture wound on side but seemed ok. Frog finally hopped away.
9am- started charging lawn mower & picking up branches etc. from back yard.
9:30am- open doors wide to move mower out of shed & large green tree frog landed on my shoulder. Wanna guess what I did?
10:30am- Lawn mower stopped running with only a small bit of lawn to mow. Wouldn't restart & too far to run a electric cord to jump start mower.
12:30pm- Missy shows up with her truck to tow mower to shed (Missy was in church dress & high heels). Missy then helped push mower in shed as her heels sunk into turf!
1pm- put pizza in oven to eat while watching football.
2:30pm- Ate a large piece of spice cake that I baked last night.
Wanna bet what will happen when my stomach & gut decide what to do about the crap I just loaded it up with? I will be sh****** my ears off later!

So now I have to buy more screening to fix another screen.
Cats will be sold at yard sale (not really).
Will inform Sherly where she can stick her riding lawn mower!
Missy wants to come over on Monday, with her rider, & finish mowing my lawn. Told her if she did I would furnish the porch swing, glasses, ice, cream, & Kaluha!
She agreed!

Now all I have to do the rest of evening is lay on couch, watch tv, and hope I don't have to spend too much time on the white bowl!
Sure hope your day was better!