I just watched a show about a certain type of sword that the Vikings started using to be better in battle.
It is called: +ULFBERH+T 0R +ULFBERHT+
The swords were made about 900-1000 yrs. ago and made from steel that is only now being produced today! The method used to make these swords is lost in the mists of time as is the people who made them. Were they monks (who would NOT have traded with the Viking), or Vikings (who may not have had that knowledge & gotten the swords by other means), or some other people?
And just who is: ULFBERHT ?
The cross + before the name could be a religious mark, The cross + after the T denotes a superior steel blade, while the cross + between the H & T denotes a lesser type of steel (they had rip offs or mass produced swords even way back then).

So if you have heard or seen this name, the NOVA channel wants to know.
They want to solve this mystery.

Did ya know: Vikings would bend an enemy's sword out of shape, after they killed their enemy, so that enemy wouldn' seek revenge beyond the grave using that sword.

I do like blades especially steel ones and this show was really great!