Ok! So I have lots to do today & my cats are being very helpful! NOT!!!
While cleaning cat litter- cats had to take large dumps in old as well as new litter. So had to clean litter twice.
Changing bed linens- Both Tigs & Meme had to play beneath sheets as well as messing up nicely made bed.
Sorting laundry- Tigs was so helpful! NOT!!! He kept resorting clothes and turning piles into strewn messes.
Then the races began!
I have a 18" high square box, already for my PC & other componates, which sits near packed boxes. My PC box also has air pouches & foam worms in it to pack around PC etc. The lids to box are just gently closed.
Do ya know where this is going?
Tigs is chasing Meme & she leaps up & lands squarely on top of box.
Meme falls through lids & into box stuffings. She came out faster then she went in but now there are a few deflated air pouches and lots of foam worms outside of box!
While it was funny to watch, the clean up isn't!
What has caused all this activity in my cats you may ask? The weather is cooler & dryer!
And what are my two little darling doing right now?
You may have guessed it! Sound F-in' asleep!
AS some of you might say: Cheeky little buggers!
I have another expression I could use but would be banned for life off this site!
I sure hope your day is going well and if it is, I will gladly send my fur balls your way to really F up your day!