Wilma & I took several packed boxes to the apt. today and I got a better idea of where to put stuff & what I need to get to put stuff on.
Met the gal who lives upstairs & her oldest daughter (about 2 yrs. old)- nice folks!
Also saw where my washer/dryer + tools, bike, etc. will be put- 6x8 room in back of apts. Plenty of space & I will have only key!
God knows how the satillite dish will be installed! Vergh pitched roof with a huge tree in way! Groan!!!!

Took Geeps to the new groomer- just down the street from where I live now. She got a flea bath & nail trim while I watched. She was very well mannered during all the fuss but sure wanted out of there when fininshed. Didn't even want a treat!
But then Geeps is that way with me when I give her a bath etc.
It took 5 mins. to walk her there and 30 sec. to return home.

Overcast with a great cool breeze today- nice napping weat- LOL

Hope your day is going well