MT&W were very rainy days and was stuck indoors, which didn't do my mood any good!
This morning got a call from Wilma & she will be by on Fri. , for a few hrs. of helping me pack.
No more then hung up the phone with her and twisted my left knee. OUCH!!! Hurts to use the leg, so plopped on couch for the day.
No sooner plopped & my new landlord showed up with keys to the apt. I also signed the papers. He cleaned out a storage space (8x10) for my washer/dryer & will also (in time) run wiring for dryer. I can start moving stuff into apt. now! Yeah!!!
Had a few rain shows drift nearby but no rain here today so far.
Just nice warm breezes that are great for taking naps.
Have had 2 green tree frogs & 3 lizards enter house over the last few days- 2 frogs & 1 lizard made it out alive! Cats have been using hunting skills!
Other then that- nothing else to tell!