There was a news report tonight about how some folks are earning at least $4 every 3 minutes for just writing up reviews for various services.
All ya need is a PC with internet connection, and fair typing skills.
Doesn't matter where ya live and no orther experience required.

Companies will send you a "list" of products and you just write up good reviews about each item.
No! You don't have to see the item or go to a store to be able to write the review.

Once review is written, ya just send it back to the company and they will post it on their website and ya earn your money-simple!

Yes Folks! About 70% of the reviews you see online about a product are fake ones! Resturants, clothes, baby products, home repairs, etc. the list goes on forever and you are getting suckered by them.
So what do ya do to find out if a product or service is really good?
Simple! Ask your friends or call Better
Business Bureau.
Just don't believe those reviews on the internet!
True! Some reviews are legit but it's hard to tell which ones are.

A few phone calls can save you money, or lots of money depending on what you are buying or maybe building.
When ya buy stuff on the internet ya have to be even more careful, cause as we are all very well aware of-People Lie!!!
Spending time doing research on an item or service is worth its ight in gold!!!