Just what are simple truths?
Fairly easy question to answer and it is all is about you!
The things you like the taste of, the feel of, the sight of, the sound of, the smell of, and yes, what makes you feel good or bad about something. That last one though can be in a very grey area because you could have been influenced to feel that way. Not all the time mind you, but some of the time.
Now lets suppose someone asks you to give them an honest answer about something. Now bear in mind- this is NOT a simple truth!
Do ya give them what they asked for point blank? Hedge a bit about the answer? Or lie through your teeth?
No matter which way you choose, the outcome is never simple!
A. Point Blank may show your honesty but just might hurt the person receiving it.
B. Hedging an answer is being untruthful to person receiving it and doesn't make you feel good about yourself.
C. Lying is untruthful to the person receiving it and you?

But what do folks (generally) want to hear? Strange as it may seem- The answer is C, they want a flat out lie from you.
Humans, all over the world, have been lied to so much about everything, that they can't believe the truth when they hear it but sure can believe the lie! And in a lot of cases, can't even believe their own eyes & ears!

So what do I do? I use a combo of A & B (depending on the person receiving it). And I also will use a "D"- NOT SAY A WORD on the matter.
As for all the lying going on in politics, news, ads., etc. I do some digging on my own via the net. Will I get a truth there? Maybe! Most likely not! But I dig anyway.

For years I have listened to what folks say (or write) and what they don't say and it is amazing what I have learned about them. Even watching a person talk about something, gives ya insight into what is really being said.

A point blank honest answer is what a person asks for and, in my way of thinking that is what they should get. Do I make a lot of friends doing this? NO!!! But at least I know who my real friends are because I state "My" truths and they accept that. Even if they don't agree with me.

But as for "Simple Truths", They are all yours and yours alone and that is how it should be.

Please feel free to trash this blog or even add to it. That's why I wrote the damn thing! LOL