Well Wilma showed up at 8:30 this morning (I knew she was coming) and we started the packing for my move. She left at 11 a.m. with plans to come back next week sometime.
The walls are bare in living & dining rooms and have two piles going- one for the apt. & one for yard sale. The pile for sale is lots bigger then the apt. one. Have lots of stuff headed for trash bin too. Also got a few things from kitchen packed.
Ya can guess what my cats make of all this. As soon as Wilma left, they came out of hiding & nosed around all the boxes etc. I got the impression they were deciding on their next fun spree. My Geeps just took it all in stride- she knows what's up & doesn't seem to mind as long as she is with me.
The closet at apt. is much smaller then what I have here, so ya know I have to sort clothes & am NOT looking forward to that.
To be honest, I am not looking forward to any of this at all, but I'll get through it and be happier for it in the long run.
I sure am NOT looking forward to the unpacking.

It's a breezy day & warm but not hot, so fair weather for a few days.
Hope ya all are having great days.