Got my butt in gear at 9 am and got the screen replaced after 2 1/2 hrs. Looks quite good if I do say so myself.
Got a call from Jim, at the DAWG Cafe, & he wanted to know if I would care for a delivered lunch. Dawg's does NOT deliver!!! I said sure & a few minutes later I had a steaming 12" roast beef sandwich in my hands with Au Ju sauce on the side. YUM!!!!!
Then took a much needed nap, ran my mouth on here for a few, then Wilma showed up with empty boxes for the move. She will be here tomorrow for a few hrs. to help me pack.
Got a call from Farris, who owns apt. & he said I could start moving my stuff in before Nov. 1st and also he emptied out a storage area for my washing maching with water hook ups too.
Today is a far cry from yesterday and I needed a good day.
Hope all of you had good ones too.