Several months ago, my friend Mary went with her live in guy friend (Bubba), to his home in Virginia. I only got 2 calls from her the whole time she was gone. I tried to call her but all I got was "leave a message" & never heard back.
Well she showed up at my door this morning to pick up her plants, that I had been caring for. No hug and only just a HI was what I got to begin with. She said she only had a minute so couldn't stay long.
You might recall that Bubba doesn't care for me cause I complained about his poodle jumping in my lap in their car. It hurt my gut & as I was trying to put dog onto the other part of the back seat, it wiggled out of my arms & fell to floor boards. It wasn't hurt at all but Bubba thought I did it on purpose. I think you folks know me well enough that I wouldn't do something like that.
I sat Mary down & got the truth out of her finally: She has been in town for almost 2 weeks & it was a trial to get over here cause of Bubba. Bubba also "Hates" Gays!
Well, over the summer Bubba has convinced Mary to drop me as a friend. She agreed because he does pay her bills etc. & she doesn't want to rock that boat. She still considers me as a dear friend and wants to stay in touch.
When I found all this out, It wasn't really a surprise.
I helped her load up her plants & a few garden tools, turned to her & said "Goodbye", and walked into my house.
Bubba may be an ass but I am not going to cause Mary problems. By the sounds of it- she has enough of her own.
Mary & I had been friends before Bubba was in the picture and I now hope all goes well for her.
Strange how folks will drop friends!