Heard a commotion on front porch last night, before I closed everything up for the night, and found out just how old the screening on front porch.
Seems the cats got over interested in something outside and hit their bodies too hard against screening.
Yup! Ripped the crap of the lower portion of screening, away from where it attaches to metal rails. It's is only a 36"x 14" tear but ya judon't patch up a screen that way especially when the whole screen is 36"x 84"- the whole panel needs to be replaced. And that I will either do myself or have someone do it for me & ya can bet it will be me. Cheaper that way.
True! The screening is old & easy to tear, but that is NOT the issue. My cats did the damage & I must fix it!
So this morning I have put up some plastic sheeting to cover area and secured it enough so cats can still enjoy porch. Tomorrow I'll get a roll of screening & rubber strips to "hopefully" get the job done.
Just when ya think ya might get ahead by a few $, to get something ya need, crap happens!!!