to see just how many city slickers are on this site!

I have been out camping a LOT in my life and never in a camper or RV. Just a Pup tent or a bit larger if friends were along. Did a bit of camping on horseback too.
Those days maybe long gone but I still have a bit of gear left, like that knife & a few smallers ones too, that I took with me.
You never ever go into the woods unprotected! NEVER!!!
Not only is a good knife great for shaving up wood to start a fire but also cutting vines to secure a tent and cutting through underbrush, to just name a few things. And yes, for skinning a deer.

Sure, I have a collection of knives (only a few now) & that is because I like knives. No harm in that that I can see. Or is it because I am female?
I also collect old animal bones, dragon statues, old maps, & old tools.
That is just who I am.

Sadly, like I said, those days are long gone, but if I still could I would. Cause there is nothing better then going out into nature and becoming one with it! Nothing!!!!