The thoughts of moving has been weighting heavyly on me lately. Not just the packing up & moving but leaving this home behind. But then I read something from a friend of mine that had moved recently too. She decided she was going to really down size and set up her new place to suit her & NOT guests, who may or may not, come over.
The more I thought about that the better I started feeling.
Sure! A LOT of stuff is either going to be sold or thrown away, but that needs to be done anyway. Gracie suggested I us the living room as my bedroom. Now that, at first, didn't set well with me, but the more I thought about it the better I liked the idea.
When folks talk about "their" home, it really means where they "live" at. Not where guests live but where they live. So, being that I rarely have guests, I will use that living area as my bedroom & the real bedroom as my art studio & storage for other things. If anyone comes over, they will sit in my kitchen. Isn't that where folks used to hang out?

I'll also have my tv & PC in bedroom- will be a snug fit but hey, I can then fall asleep watching TV in a comphy spot- my bed!

As for my critters- we all will ajust!
I'll get several plastic book cases for books etc (heavy on etc.) and just go with the flow!
Kitchen will have many plants as will the front slab area of apt.
Slowly working out many things in my head.

I am going to work on one room at a time in the place I am now. Tossing stuff out & boxing up the stuff I am going to save. I figure if I allow at least one day per room, I'll be done in short order. Kitchen, art room and art studio will take more then one day.
I do own a glass topped table which has a hole for an umbrella but I also own a tall round table that you would normally see in a bar setting- it has 2 backed stools that go with it.
Which one to keep for eating meals at is my problem.

I am really getting too old for this crap!!!