My Geeps had to go outside, to do her thing, a few moments ago but I stopped her before she got past the screened door.
There, not 15 feet ahead of us, on the metal gate was Mr. Whip snake. Or at least it looked like the same snake. For all I know, there could be several around this place besides 2 Black snakes. There are enough lizards to feed a whole nest of snakes.
Just as the thought came to get the camera, he moved into the hedge that I had finished trimming yesterday. So no photos!
It didn't take but a moment for him to disappear and Geeps was crossin' her legs & eyes, so I let her out. A few minutes later geeps was back indoors & I was wondering how long it would take for Mr. Whip to find his way into the house.
I assume the cats will let me know when that happens and I have 911 on speed dial.