I saw the new apt today! Yup! It is small- about a 1/3 the size of the place I am living in now. Ya enter through the kitchen (which is a fair sized area), turn left into a 7x12 living area, then on into the bedroom 7x8 and turn right into the bathroom which has a tub (yeah!) & a space to put my washer machine (it will be a close fit though).
I will add photos later (yes! I took some.)
The whole time I am looking at the apt., I was having visions of what the cats will do to this place.
Ya can bet I will be making a list of what I take, what I sell, and what I throw out. If I keep my double bed, it will be a "tight" squeeze in bedroom, so just might sell it & get a twin bed-which means I will have to buy bed linens- damn!!!
As for my porch swing!!! Farris will build me a stand for it! Yeah!!!
My satillite dish will go on roof of building (It is a 2 story building with a family upstairs).
He also told me I could start moving stuff in as soon as they finish fixing the place up, so I don't have so much to move come moving day. That will be nice too.
But I must say, the thoughts of moving again give me the GROANS!!!