Now I know all of you know something about DNA (unless you have been in a hole somewhere), and in this blog, I wish to pose some "more" questions- Stop groaning Sue!

I also wish to state: I am NOT seeking out any more answers about my own ancestery. Sue dropped a bomb on me, awhile ago, which slammed the door on me wanting any more info. on that matter.
And to seek out any answers for anyone else's ancestery, would not only land me in my porch swing but also have an IV, loaded with whiskey (I don't drink whiskey), permanently afixed to a major artery in my neck! Just NOT going to happen!
I prefer to take a scientific approach even though I did NOT major in this at university. I just have an inquiring mind!

But here is the thing folks! DNA testing has come a long way since the 1980s and the advances are truly mind blowing. A few years ago, a scientist tracked human advancement from S.E. Africa upward & westward and eastward throughout Europe, Middle East, and Asia (even Austrailia). Just to find out who has what coursing through their veins. Like African DNA etc.
All well and good! (At least to some folks).
And we all know about testing to see if a baby belongs to a possible parent!

Now most of us have enjoyed Sue's adventures into her own ancestory (& others) and all of the begots that have gone along with it (made my head swim), but a single question kept nagging at me about the begots, so I called my buddy Bob (retired university professor with lots of friends in other fields) who called a friend of his to get an answer for my question (which added more questions I might add!).

Remember Sue saying that women, of years gone by, whos husband died (in one form or fashion) would quickly marry again? (and again and again and again- or so it seemed!) And we also know those husbands didn't wear chasity belts (I'm being nice here folks!) But how about the wives? Did they remain true to their husband of the moment? My guess is that most of them didn't! And the resulting child would carry on the family name, cause they sure didn't have the pill back then, and the rythum method wasn't in vogue either. No one would be the wiser (at least in most cases).

So my main question was: Is it possible, for someone to trace their ancestery, using DNA, with the findings of an ancestery search- like Sue does?
The simple answer is: Yes! BUT!!!!
And folks, it is a BIG BUT!!!! (in fact several BUTS!)
The knowledge is there & so is the science but the cost alone, would throw you into a poor house for many life times! In time, the cost will come down but to do it now is out of the question in many ways.

You all know how DNA is aquired but imagine getting DNA, not only from you but from every ancestor you "may" have had! There in lies one of the huge problems. Oh! They can get DNA off a long dead body, but getting the permission/permits to dig up the body (if ya can find it), is not very likely, no matter who's palm ya grease.
Then there is the matter of: Is the info. ya got on your ancestory correct? Even though ya try your best (like Sue does) but somewhere along the line something just isn't right!
Like maybe that wife, I mentioned, had an affair or two, on the side? The resulting child became just another member of a family and who's to know differently? It can happen & still does to this day & age! Unless someone wants a DNA test.

We all know, and Sue has really enlightened us, about how things were "back" then and all the "loose" belts that seemed to swing in the breeze, and her findings are wonderful to read about, but, what if......
Sue could have all those DNA tests done and really get the whole scoop? Would all her efforts be spot on or would there be a "ringer" (or more) in the straw pile?

I, personality, would like to think, Sue is spot on. Mainly because she leaves no stone unturned and has an ingrained sense about these things. That is the mark of a true research scientist.
But it does make ya wonder about ALL the researchs going on by different folks.

Paleontology is a lot like seeking answers in your ancestery, but on an earth scale with even less info. to go on. And yes! There are a LOT of "ringers" in the Paleo. world. Tons of them!!!!