For several Billion years, Mother Nature has been working out the "kinks", so to speak, in all her earthly designs. Animal, vegitable, and mineral have all gone through changes and in fact, still changing.
But as you all know, change takes time, and when it comes to things planetwise, we are talking, generally, millions of years. But what ever the changes nature makes, it is always to keep the balance.
In the last several years, a "few" scientist have turned their heads and taken a long hard look at how nature does things and now these scientist are developing "things" that copy nature (or as close as possible) with wonderful results.
These scientists are in many different fields, developing a wide range of different products, that do NOT step out of the "Balance". And in many cases- firm up the balance.
Instead of designing a man made fuel (not found in nature) for cars etc. they are working on fuels that do appear in nature & don't pollute.
Even chicken feathers (that are normally thrown away) now have a huge use in fuels (batteries). Save your chicken feathers folks- they are worth a lot of money now!

The way shark skin is designed keeps alge from growing on it. So this same design was used in outside building materials. Ya won't have to pressure spray your home to remove all that green "stuff" any more, due to a simple design on the siding.

Now I know all of you have seen how a leaf repels water. It just beads up and slips off the leaf as the leaf hangs downward. But there is much more going on here then that.
The leaf has a natural occuring chemical that repels water but as the drop of water moves off the leaf, it is also taking dirt with it. So a scientist extracted that leaf chemical, put it in spray form & ya now have a great item to spray on "anything", to not only repel water but also clean it. And none of it is a designed chemical- it is all natural, and cheap too! No hazzard to the enviroment.

One scientist even took a hard look at lizards! The way they can move up smooth walls etc. And he designed a pad that looks & acts just like the bottom of a lizard's foot. It's all about the design again.
Yup! You too will soon be able to walk up a glass wall!
Why? I have no earthly idea! Maybe Stormlizard can answer that question. LOL

I have only mention a few items on this blog, but there are many new products soon to be seen in stores, hospitals, etc. soon, and all are within the "balance".

It has taken many 100's of years to learn to look & listen to what nature is doing and it maybe too late, but at least a few scientists are trying. And for that alone I give em an: "Atta boy!"