Many of us like to play "Hidden Object" games! I know Jenny does as do I, but as I was about to play my newest one today, a strange thought wandered through my mind!
Why do I pay & play these games on my PC when those hidden objects are all around my home.
I think Sue might agree, that finding any object around your home, that ya need, can be a royal pain in buttocks at times.
Ya think ya left it in a certain place, so you go to get it with confedience knowing it will be there, but it's not!
So ya look around that same area, thinking it just got pushed aside a bit but nope, not there either.
So a tiny bit of panic sets in and drawers are opened & trashed, boxes up ended, furniture turned over, cushions go flying threw air, and before ya know it, the whole house looks like a tornado blew through it and ya forgot what ya were looking in the first place.
But ya did discover some stuff that ya have been missing for years!
It takes two days to clean, sort, and catolog everything, so ya can find what ya need next time.
Did ya find what ya were looking for in the first place? Nope! Ya had to go to store & buy a new one and the reason ya needed it in the first place has slipped your mind.
Now ya try to remember where your mind slipped to & the whole mess starts over again.

Don't ya just love Hidden Object games?