OK! So Mickey mentions that Sooty & Zazzle might be meeting up with Hedgehogs, so I looked into the critters and now I want one!
Sure! I have know about them for years & even seen a few in person, but never gave owning one a thought.
I can just see what my two cats would do with one. Those spines would sure bring out the quick swats, leaps, and peeking around corners from my two fur balls.
While my evil mind congers up kitten mayhem, I also am very aware I will never own a Hedgie. As cute as they are & yes, easy to care for, one of their favorite foods is locust.
If any of ya think for one minute I am going to bring a freakin' grasshopper into my home on purpose, then every one of ya need your heads examined!
I will continue to admire them from afaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!