In the last two days, I have enjoyed 2 trips to a new cafe (Dawg's) in town. Once with Wilma & yesterday with Brian. Both times I got the roast beef sub with Au jue dip. Love it!
Brian called me yesterday & wanted to know if he could take me anywhere to get something, & I needed TP so he came over & off we went. We had lunch at Dawg's first and during the meal, I got the feeling Briananted to talk about something (more on that later). The owner of Dawg's came over & we chatted again about art work for his cafe and saw a few other folks & chatted with them, then off to Family Dollar to get TP.
My friend Dawn, now works at F$, & we chatted a bit, then Brian took me home.

At my place, Brian came in and we had a talk about his mom. Brian had been at her place all of last week on the west coast of Florida, while she was in hospital for COPD.
Hospital finally sent her home (she is 84) and she now has hospis care 24/7 & Brian's brother is now at her side. Brian is a Methodist's pastor but is a son first and he has been having a hard time figuring out how he should act around his mom.
Ya can just imagine the advice I gave him! Brian will now just be the son & let others do the religious work.

He also wanted my thoughts on Syria.
Told him: He might want to make plans to get out of Dodge, If USA pulls the trigger on Syria. Especially if no other countries join up with USA (which, if their smart, they won't).
He commented that his son has always wanted to see New Zealand. Fine! While no place will be really safe, dealing with volcanoes is better then other things I can think of.

If ya read between the lines, ya get how I feel about US envolvement in Syria.
I care about folks, I really do, but I don't want to see a WWlll start over it.
You folks in the UK sure know who your neighbors are & one of them doesn't have very good relations with USA. And if USA hits Syria, ya can bet a Hammer will be raised against USA & ALL countries that join her. So I hope & pray the UK stays out of it.

Brian asked me what I might do if shit hit fan.
Told him: I have 3 critters that need me, a front porch swing and some Kalauha left in the bottle. Nuff said!