I happen to love using great tools to work with, like fine artist brushes, pencils, & pens. In the past, I have paid hefty sums ($ 40+) for really great brushes & not been sorry about it. They do make a difference folks! Just like realy great materials for qilts etc.
As far as pens go, I really love fountain pens. The kind that ya fill up every time with good India ink. Been in a few shops that only sell pens & pen sets. I also walked out of those shops without buying anything too.
But lets face it, sometimes the prices are really farfetched.

I was just surfin' the net and ran across these pens and almost choked!
I can understand maybe paying $100 or so for a darn nice pen but these are so far out of the ball park, they are not even on the same planet.
So take a gander at what some folks just can't live without!