Well the elect. guy got here this morning, just after I started chatting with Mickey on Skype, and the finally fan is now in place and my home is much cooler now.
Sherly (landlady) is NOT a happy camper about back steps and she'll get to see them Thursday.
The lawn mower battery won't even charge (NOT AT ALL). Must have a dead cell. Sherly told me someone will be here to check it out either this week or next.
I refuse to worry about it!!! This mower/battery business has been going on for months and now battery won't even charge. The grass is already quite high and by the time someone gets here to "look" things over, it will be even higher. Then Sherly will take her time figuring out what she wants to do etc. and ya can bet grass will hide Geeps by then.
I may not be able to do all the hedge trimming etc. now but I can sure mow and I have 2 cans of gas I bought that are just sitting there. Ya can bet that gas will go into someones tank when I move!
Now ya might say that maybe Sherly can't afford to do stuff, & ya would be wrong. She owns 14 homes, that she rents out at high prices, has 3 cars, a very nice home, and just got back from a trip to Paris. Sherly just doesn't like to spend money for anything.