I got to wondering just how many ship wrecks there are world wide and you can imagine what I found out!
The best guess (when records started being kept) is at least 1 million. Add in another million to be on the safe side.
No telling how many went down before records were kept.
Then the next thing I learned is: The amount of treasure in dollars. About $6 BILLION in todays moneys. Give or take another $ Billion or so.
Another tidbit is that only about 30% of the wrecks have been found. Or if they have been found, too darn deep to get to.
Is it worth the cost to look & dive on these wrecks? The experts say yes, as long as you are diving on a wreck that holds great wealth.
There in lies the kicker: The report may say there is wealth on board that wreck, but is the report true? Some reports are false.

Now why the hell did I look into shipwrecks? No idea! Just my grey cells having a bit of fun & adventure!