Yesterday afternoon & this morning had a womderful chat with Lizard (John).
Due to weather conditions, which affect my sat. dish, his voice was breaking up real bad this morning.
Chats with Lizard cover a whole range of subjects that most are near & dear to my heart. Palentology for one. Love my dinos.
My landlady came by yesterday & informed me the 4 ceiling fans would bereplaced today along with back steps being fixed. But with a storm brewing, I can almost bet there won't be any fixing done today. Most of the folks around here have poor work ethics- need I say more!
My art work is coming along nicely and hope to have it done in a week or so.
Weather seems to be the main issue now a days and for good reason- it is all screwed up! So, for any of you folks that still believe that there is no such thing as global warming, ya might want to reconsider.