AS Jenny & Mickey already know, I am now on Skype!
Bloody hell, run for cover!!!!
Mickey's call was short but will corral him again soon.
Jenny had warned Mickey I was getting on Skype, so it was no surprise when I called him.
Jenny's call was a treat, and NO! Jenny doesn't sound like Gracie. Not one little bit!!

I pumped up the Skype and almost choked when I saw Mickey's face appear. Had no idea it would work so fast. Hauled my buttocks into bathroom to grap my teeth and rushed back. No sense in scarin' the hell out of Mickey on the first call.
Got to see Helen's cats & hear Helen in background. She didn't want to be on Skype as she was headed for the shower.

Jenny was a real hoot to chat with and I sure hope I win Lotto soon. Want to meet all of you in the flesh!
Our call got cut off cause a storm is headed my way & it plays hell with my internet connections.
But ya can bet I'll be callin' them again real soon.

My fondest wish is that all of us could connect this way. It really does make that pond into a puddle.