About 3 a.m. this morning a huge sink hole opened up under a resort hotel in Clairmont FL. So far it is 60 feet wide by 20+ feet deep & growing. No one has been hurt.

Florida is littered with sink holes and lately more & more are appearing and most of the new ones are huge! Due to a few years of drought & now above average rains for the year, they are popping "down" all over the place.
If ya look at Google Earth & zero in on Florida, you'll see 1000s of little lakes/ponds all over the place & most are roundish- they were sink holes at one time. Some scientist believe that Lake Okachobee was once a sink hole.
There is a large aquifier under the state, which starts in the state of Georgia & extends down through most of Flordia. Florida is a high tourist state and a lot of water is used.
The drought (lasted 3 years) + all those extra folks= weaken top soil. Heavy rains weakened soil further which set the stage for sink holes.

Yup! I live in a sink hole area but I also live on a ridge (butt end of Appalachian mts.) which protects Frostproof to some extent. That ridge goes right between two lakes, which used to be sink holes, & there are many other smaller lakes/sink holes very close by.
Am I worried about a sinkhole opening under me? Nope! If it happens it happens. Got too much other crap to worry about! LOL