about this place!
Believe it or not- I fell in love with the grape vines. After taking the time to learn on how to trim them and then learning about their care etc. my heart was captured.
No! I am no wine expert but I did learn how to make better home made wine too. Not that I got the chance mind you, but I did gain a lot of knowledge about it thanks to a few wine growers in Calif. & Oregon.
But my heart is in the actual growing of the vine & grape. The few grapes that the bugs & birds haven't gotten, are very tart (dry) to say the least. Just right for wine making. But due to small numbers, I give my palet a taste of what might have been and my pucker power goes into high gear.
Yup! If I was to win Lotto, I would have grape vines.
Then there is the front screened porch! A great place for my swing and my critter & I to enjoy the day, setting sun, and the magic of the nights. No idea if I will have a porch at new place but I can always make a bracket for the swing at least.
The critters & I will get used to the newer smaller place in time & if I do things right, we'll have lots of wonderful memories there.
Shhhhhhhhh! I plan on taking a few grape cuttings with me when I leave!