The last few days here put me on the "out of sorts" list!
On Thursday my landlady Sherly showed up. Told her about mower problems, how the back steps were still not fixed and the 3 ceiling fans & 2 outlets not working. She said she would make some calls & get folks over here to get things done.
A call, late Thurs. from her, let me know to expect 3 different guys coming over on Fri. to fix problems.

At 9 a.m. on Fri. The electrian showed up to fix fan & outlet problems. Outlets were fixed! One ceiling fan was so hot (cause it couldn't rotate) was about ready to catch fire, so was totally disconected. The other 2 fans were not worth repairing either. All the wiring to fans had to be replaced too. Electric guy said he would inform Sherly about replacing & rewiring all 3 fans.
The guy to fix back step never showed (he built the steps orginally) and neither did the mower guy. And ya can bet your bippy they won't show up on the weekend either.
Once Sherly finds out what it will cost on those fans, she won't be fixing them either. The labor cost alone will not be pretty!

So here I sit wondering how I am going to finish mowing the lawn without a working mower (let alone how to do it in future), trying to keep cool with tempts. going even higher and with only 2 fans that work & refusing to turn on AC cause power company just upped the rates (again), and being careful going up & down back steps.

So after a day of thought, I came up with this and want to see if you all agree:
I will just continue to be careful on back step.
I will just not over excert myself during the day & make sure I drink lots of liquids.
And as for the mowing- If that mower doesn't get fixed- not my problem!!! I did what I had to do and did it properly. Ball is in her court!!!!

I bit off more then I could chew by renting this place and admit defeat! Time to move into a smaller place where I don't have to do the upkeep!!