When I was gathering up windfall from the old oak in my backyard yesterday, I spotted 2 rather large branches that had finally left the tree of their birth. The above one is the shorter of the two but, besides size, they look pretty much the same.
Old, rotted out on inside, lichen all over it, several knot holes, and when ya remove the bark- ya see where others (insects) had made their home. The others are long gone now and the bark crumbles at the slightest touch.

In its prime, this branch could have held up a swing or heavy plant of some type, but no longer. Squirrles, birds, & lizards used to play on its surface, greeted the dawn and snuggled down at close of day.

Can ya just imagine what this branch saw and heard in its time? The hurricanes, drought, and babies of critters. Then time wore on & it became weak and the insects moved in. Soon, it will return from where it came, to add its nutrients back into the soil and start a new cycle for some other flower or tree.

I sat looking & thinking about this old branch for quite awhile and comparing it other cycles of life, including my own. That old branch & I have a lot in common. Each of us looks different, raised different, seen & heard some of the same, and enjoyed the seasons of change and friends.

This is just a few thoughts about everyone really, not just an old branch!