Called Dawn last night & she sent her son on over today to look at my photo/PC problem.
David is only 18 yrs. old and when I told him my problem he said "No Problem" and in less then 2 minutes my photos were on my PC and I had to remove my chin off floor.
Seems David has had a Windows 8 system months before the general public got any. He is a tester for Dell. He opened & closed many windows on PC and doing some clicken & typing along the way on each area. Then he downloaded my pics. and then set up a 2 click system for me to use for downloading photos onto PC.Needless to say, I am happy as a hog in deep cool mud.
Here are some of the pics.: Papaya tree taking over back door

This WAS going to be my entry for chilling!

This is a one time night bloomer (no idea what type of plant it is.)

One of two grape clusters I found!

The grapes are a bit fuzzy but that is my fault.