Being that the weather has kept me house bound, I do a bit of net surfing, and I happened to be looking at cat videos on UTUBE when I discovered cat growling/fighting videos.
Picture this:
My two very small PC speakers are on the carpet beside my desk, Geeps is asleep under my chair, and my two fur balls are asleep on front screened porch.
I look at first cat video of two cats growling at each other, then I notice a movement on carpet next to my speakers. Geeps is standing there, looking at my speakers, and turning her head side to side, wondering what is going on.
Enter Tigs!
A very fluffed/puffed up Tigs looks around corner of wall, eyes very wide, and ready for bear.
Tigs advances toward speaker with a very upset MeMe following, who is also very fluffed/puffed up.
Both desend on offending speakers. Geeps backs off. Tigs gets close enough to touch speaker & swats at it. Speaker falls forward at him. Ya can just imagine what happened next!
Tigs leaps & spit backwards all at same time, which causes Meme to leap backwards, which causes Geeps to bark, which in turn causes both cats to vanish, at high speed, to the bedroom.
I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

It took nearly 2 hrs. for my cats to carefully venture into living room area.

Please note: No animals were hurt (tramatized maybe, but not hurt) during this adventure(?), but what happens to their human counterpart late this coming evening is anybodies guess.