The days have been hot & humid here with rains in the afternoon, to cool things off a bit, & today was no exception. I had made a list, the night before, as to what I wanted to achieve today we all know how that goes.
Geeps had gotten me up early again (4 a.m.) to go see her new friend (which isn't named yet), but the armadillo was on the outside of the fence this time & in the bushes, so no photo yet.
I stayed up, instead of going back to bed, & moved my box fan into the living room to keep me cool as I watched the early news. About 10 mins. after turning on fan it died! Crap!!!
This wasn't looking well for the start of the day!
Tried my damnist to figure out photo problem to no avail.
About 10ish, I took out the big plastic tub with handles, added water & Dawn, then plopped Geeps into the mix. She got her Saturday bath!
Just as I was about to bite the bullet & get out the riding mower, Tigs came running & leaped into my lap. One look out the window & I knew I wouldn't be doing any lawn mowing.
There hours later the rain finally let up (for the moment anyway) and Tigs became a real cat again as opposed to a stone statue, and I had a nice nap.
Called Bob & he had no answer for my photo problem & he has windows 8. Crap!
Then I get a call from Farris, a guy who owns a few rentals in town, and he wants me to rent his one bedroom apt come Nov. I had met him & his wife last year after I had seen the home I am now in. I must say: I will only pay $400 a month and no utilities costs. I still will have to pay electric but all total I will be saving $300. My buddy Bob will no longer have to help me out & that will be a huge load off my heart.
Farris & his wife are nice folks and they will even help with my move. It will be smaller digs and my cats may have to shorten their race track, but they will just have to adapt as I will.
Then I get a call from Wilma & during our chat, she asked me if I needed another fan? Ten minutes later she arrived with an old fan that works better then the newer one that died on me earlier. Wilma happens to know Farris & his wife and told me I would be much happier in the apt. cause I wouldn't have to worry about yard, fixing things up, & costs. Not to mention hoppers! She's right but I will, after a fashion, miss this place.
Then it started raining again!
I wanted to do art work today but when ya work on paper ya don't need to sweat & the humidity was horrid, so another nap was in order.
TV was a bust tonight and so just putz around.
Strange day! One minute up then next down, and it all started over again.
But all in all a good day!
Hope yours was too.