Watched another TV show last night about The Chinese fleet in 1421, and their travels. The author: Gavin Menzies, claims the Chinese were the first to sail to the America's long before old C. Columbus was out of diapers.
The book: "1421", has been out for a few years & there are many believers & disbelivers, but what really caught my intrest about the show was all the maps.
I love maps and, in the past, made many.
Some of these maps dated back to before 1421 and most were navitional maps. I must say: The Chinese really knew how make maps back then.

Now a days, we use GPS or an on line service, which is great if it is up to date. But I still love to hold a paper map in my hands & plot out my course of travel.Then there is the fun part of asking a total stranger, how to get to where you want to go. If they draw you a map on a slip of paper, that's when I am most happy. The mileage may be off by several miles and that old tree may have been cut down, but the fun is in the adventure.

Over the years I have saved a few Atlas that I used to travel around the USA. They are marked up and have many way points on them etc., but they tell of where & when I went on a new adventure. Just a small piece of my history on a few pieces of paper.
Gotta love maps!