I expect we all have had the times when our minds trot off a subject and head down another lane of thought. And before we know it, we have no idea how we got onto where our minds brought us. Sometimes we even can't remember where we were to begin with. And when we do, we find our minds went completely off subject.
I know Sue, trots off now & then (she admits it), and I know I sure do.
Sometimes a trot can be fun and lead to wonderful discoveries, either within your self or something in the world at large.
Then again, those little trots can lead to discoveries we wish we hadn't discovered. Especially if it involves ouselves.
But generally the trots are fun and no harm is done.
My morning trot: Thinking about Summer & her adventure trying to get a wildlife photo last night to thinking I needed to vacuum this place.
Had any good trots lately folks?

Note: Mind trots NOT body function trots!