Yesterday, it came to my attention that I had to get cat food ASAP! And I also had to go to a few other local stores & the bank. I knew full well that riding my bike to get what I needed would take several trips cause cat & dog food is heavy. And going to bank & to get gas for mower for going to really be a feat for me cause it is a longer bike ride ride.
But I decided to bite the bullet and just do it.
I got ready, went to back door, opened it, and promptly changed mind and put out a call for help.
The tempeture outside was horrid & very humid. If I had beenfool enough to do that ride, I wouldn't be chatting here now!
Wilma was more then happy to help me with my erruns and so all was done in less then an hour. Wilma was planning on going into town anyway, so it wasn't a bother for her.
For once I played it on the safe side! It's a royal pain in a** to be still on the young side (68) and have to be so careful with what I do.

Cats are very pleased with a new bag of food and My body will NOT endure claw marks from them.