Now ya might be wondering what in the bloody hell is an F52! No! It's not a plane but a camera and it is one of the forerunners of modern day airel photography.
I stumbled on a show last night about these camers and how they, along with many British pilots & their Spitfire planes, helped end WWll.
Now we all here love cameras, but if we had to go through what these pilots went through to get photos of Hitler's war sites, I think most of us would toss in the towel. Flying at 30,000 feet on a very level course without any shaking to the plane, so photos wouldn't be blurred and to do that at least twice over a site with a 60 degree offset so the photos could be viewed with a steroscope, so the photos could be seen in 3D. Add to that flying at that height is damn cold, no guns on your plane, and being fired upon by the enemy, is enough to scare the royal crap out of any one.
Now enter the P.I.s! Photo Interpeters. Knowing what a hedgerow, cottage, or cow shed is one thing, but identifing bunkers, factories, ships, and later missles, was a whole new process for the P.I. Their learning curve was fast & furious to say the least! But they learned and they learned well. Sure! There were mistakes & stumbles but remember this was all new to them and the very beginings of a whole new field of photography.
The Swiss had invented a Vilt (sp) machine to assist in this field too. Now accurate measurements could be made from the airel photos.
Much time passed and now photos are taken with satillites ( along with airel photos) and, depending on the camera & its resolution, can read a newspaper on a sidewalk from many miles in space.
Lovely things cameras! No matter your skill level or what ya like to photograph, the camera opens up your mind & the world around you.
No I must be off to get my SD card so I can get back into the fun!!!!