Just as I was getting imto bed last night (about 11:45 EST), a bright flash followed by a loud boom filled the air. My Tigs tore into the bedroom & beat my feet under the covers. Another storm had arrived that I had no idea was in the area. The night air cooled off real quick but the back of my knees stayed very warm thanks to Tigs.

This newer PC of mine has many things on it that I find out by stumbling scrossed them. Ex.: I needed a few photos of a bird (for an art project) & had gotten a few off the web. When I went to print them my PC let me know if it was ok to copy these photos or not. Only one was a "not" so I didn't copy it. Nice to know these things. I also discovered that I now have several options to do "things" to photos. Almost like having a nice photoshop addition.

You have heard me speak about the new sidewalk being put down across the street but ya didn't know they are still working on it. They have dug up that whole strip 5 times, either to remove old pipes & or add new ones, put down ashfalt into trench, pour a concrete base, and more concrete, or correct something they did wrong. They have been at this for almost 5 months and I expect a fifth grader could have done it faster & used more common sense. The stuff that was dug up (old pipes, old concrete, & several tons of unused dirt was just piled off to the side till yesterday. They did have it all separted but it was put on a lawn that is now in bad shape, especially after so many heavy pieces of equ. have been making tracks all over the place. The owner of yard is NOT a happy camper! Me thinks the company that put in the sidewalk will be now putting in new sod.

There are now two possible hurricanes: One in Atlantic & one in Pacific. One has its sights set on a possible hit to Florida while the other has Hawaii in its crosshairs.

And Mother Nature showed her muscles last night: That natural gas rig, that was burning out of control in Gulf of Mexico, shut its self down. Seems that sea bed sand got in the pipe & clogged it up & put out the fire. The engineers had no idea how to put out fire but Mother Nature used K.I.S.S. and common sense. One huge point for the old gal. YEAH!!!!

I really do love sitting on porch (or anywhere) to watch nature in action & seeing the photos you folks post concerning nature. I may have lost the battle to have a nice veg. garden but what I gained has been even better: Lots of critters coming around to give my eyes & heart a thrill, cause they are getting better use out of my garden then I ever could.