I am NOT a drinker folks, at least not on a regular basis. But this morning I could sure use on.
I discovered, last night, that my printer & PC didn't like each other at all. My first thought was to see if there were any printers out there cheap enough for my Windows 8 PC. I almost stroked out when I saw the prices. So I send a message to Gracie last night & she came to my rescue this morning. A simple download driver was all that was needed & it was free! YEAH!!!!
She told me Summer had the same problem and hoped I had better luck. I did it seems.
I also awoke to a huge thunderstorm barreling down on me at about 6:30 a.m. My Geeps had to hurry her business before it hit.
That storm finally blew by & I was able to get Gracie's message and do the down loads.
Now another storm is headed my way & after all the mind bending crap with PC & printer etc. I either need a nap or stiff drink. I am leaning towards both.
I sure would have hated like he** to tell Bob that his gift to me had a slight flaw. Makes me shutter to even think about it!