changed my mind!
Early last evening, about 7:30 EST, decided it was cool enough to ride my bike to local store (1/8th of mile away). Just as I walked out my back door a tiny rabbit hopped about in what was left of my so called garden. It was a young rabbit by the looks and I waited till it had moved on before I opened the door. Cute little rascal!
It was a cool ride to store but my lungs weren't happy about it at all. Oh Well, I needed bread and lungs just need to cope with it.
When I got back home, you would have thought I had been gone for ages. My critters were all so happy to see me, then I saw why: Their water dish was about empty!
Later, Tigs was lying in hallway to ambush my feet. He loves to tackle any foot he can get ahold of. No nails out but he does have a strong grip. One day he is going to grab my foot & I'll end up eating wall paneling.
Today is just for deleting old blogs, chatting with friends on net, & a good nap here & there. Can't do much else cause it is too hot & storm clouds are building up.
Have a great day folks (or what's left of it).