Right up to the time he gets married to the lovely Hannah, Avrahom had never been with a girl before. So it’s not surprising that on his wedding night, poor Avrahom can’t do anything right for Hannah. Two weeks go by and he still doesn’t really know what to do in bed. Totally frustrated, Hannah suggests to Avrahom that he has a chat with their doctor. He agrees and two days later he’s talking to Dr Myers. "So what should I do, doctor?" asks Avrahom. "It’s quite simple, Avrahom," advises Dr Myers. "Next time you’re in bed with Hannah, you should place your hand gently on her stomach and say something like, ‘darling, I love you so much’ and everything will be OK from that moment onwards." Avrahom goes home feeling more confident. Later that night, soon after they get into bed, Avrahom places his hand on her stomach and says in a very romantic voice, "Darling, I love you with all my heart and I always will." Hannah can’t believe the change in Avrahom and decides to take things further, so excitedly she whispers back, "Lower Avrahom, lower." So our Avrahom repeats, but this time in a much lower voice, "Darling, I love you with all my heart ………"