A man had Donkey. One day this donkey speaks to his owner, Donkey : "Now I have worked for you more than 20 years". Man : So tell me, What do you want me to do? Donkey : OK, I want a partner, can you find me a partner? Then he realized that he needs to do something to make happy this bud. He searched everywhere in the town, But he could not find a female donkey anywhere in the city. Finally he went to a circus crew and requested a female donkey for rent. Unfortunately they couldn't satisfy him. But they requested to bring female Zebra instead of female donkey. Finally he agreed to get lady Zebra for 5 pounds. He is so happy and handover lady zebra to his donkey and went to sleep. Following day he went to donkey and asked "How was your last night? Is it interesting?" Donkey said : "It is useless and what a waste of time". I tried so many times, But I couldn't remove her pyjama kit!