Billy was born in New Mexico under the name of William Bonnie. He rode a big Clydesdale horse named Clyde. He is the only gunfighter known to have ridden a Clydesdale. Clyde wasn't fast but he was so big he could crash right through the wall of a house, a barn, or a bar if necessary. Billy hated the name Bonnie because it was a girl's name and the other gunfighters were always teasing him about it. When they saw him riding into town, they would say, "Here comes Bonnie and Clyde." This really made him mad because he hated the real Bonnie and Clyde for having a car that could outrun his horse. He never forgave his mother for naming him Bonnie. He changed his name to Billy The Kid and swore to shoot anybody who called him Bonnie again. During his short life span, he shot 21 men for calling him Bonnie. The only people who could call him Bonnie without getting shot were his mother and his best friend Pat Garrett. Pat called him Bonnie just to aggravate him. One day Billy made the mistake of calling Pat Garrett "Pattie." Pat Garrett shot him dead. They sent his body to Ireland to be buried with his ancestors. His mother and Pat Garrett got together and wrote a famous song in memory of Billy. The song is called "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean."