(For those who read the previous version, this is just a revision to frame this in terms of the fact that all of the photos are now posted).

The album Denver & Great Plains is documentation of a late September, 2013, trip to Denver and then north up to North Dakota. The trip was roughly a repeat of a portion of a much longer trip I had made in Spring of 2002 and is documented on Flickr.

One of the key goals on the trip was to capture some pictures of the surge in energy-related activities (oil/natural gas exploration, wind turbines) in those areas. I wasn't quite as successful as I would have liked to have been on that, mainly due to problems related to the energy boom having resulted in there being few available accomodations in North Dakota.

A second agenda in traveling is to document abandoned and dying towns, mainly because of my fascination with how the economic system creates and then destroys environments where people (workers) somehow have to develop a sense of who they are without having stable homes. I managed to get quite a few photos related to the coming and going of towns, and developed a new theme (for me) in this of focusing on abandoned schools.

Unusual for my travels was that I ended up visiting four National Parks/Monuments. I usually avoid them due to crowds, but they worked out well on this trip. So, there are pictures of Scotts Bluff National Monument, the Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and Devils Tower National Monument.

Of course, there is also many pictures of roads, bridges, trains, military cemeteries, older theaters, interesting older buildings, and such.