I've come quite a way with digital photography now. I started by taking pictures of everything, pressing the button just for the sound of the shutter and collected hundreds and thousands of pictures with just one lens. Then I bought more lenses and a flash and made more complex setups. As of recently however I again prefer the simple and snappy things. Before I shot in M most of the time, sometimes A, moving around the focus point with a set ISO and eyeing at the exposure meter. Now I mostly use P and S (to avoid motion blur) as well as Auto ISO. Auto Focus is set to select the focus point automatically ("dynamic" in Nikon speak) and since instant preview was one of the first features I disabled, I found out the pleasure of enabling it again. Somehow it has become more fun again, less focused on making technical good shots, but letting the creativity flow in a bit by trying new things, e.g. I am improving on my hipshot skills. :-) Somehow I'm making really crappy pictures ^^

I think I've been influenced greatly by some of the photos I've seen recently, especially the ones from Jeff Ascough (his blog seems to be down) who in turn mentions Bresson as one of his sources of inspiration. I'm very much after this documentary style, trying to make a picture where the photographer isn't visible at all, where the story that is captured is taking all attention (it sounds more fancy than it is, but you get the point...)

Unfortunately I haven't uploaded some of the newer stuff yet. I still have to finish the bulgaria series and then I told myself to be free again to upload whatever I want.