Adobe I mention and of course you think Photoshop! Cool! Great! Perfect! You think PDF and you think, okay it's worrysome that they keep such a tight grip around it, but still PDF great! Wow! Then, well then you probably also think about Illustrator and how the same company can create the best image editing software in the world and the worst vector drawing program in the world.

Macromedia Freehand was such a perfect to use program... WAS!! Intuitiv and easy to learn. Adobe Illustrator is such a pain to use, nothing is intuitive, you've got 3 different selectors and constantly something is marked in blue when you mouse over it. So, Adobe bought Macromedia and scrapped Freehand in favor of Illustrator. Oh no!!! I know this is not news anymore, but it's more than sad that I'll never forget this!

For example: To add arrowheads to a line in Freehand you select the line and then choose from the line endings in the object modifier box. EASY! In Illustrator you select the line and then search on the internet how to add an arrowhead because you can't actually find that option. You learn that you need to apply a filter/effect on it which adds the arrowhead!?!? I haven't yet found out how to change or remove it once it's added, but I guess that it's impossible. Who would need to do that anyway? I understand that Illustrator's way is more powerful, but it's horrible to use!

Next example: To cut a path, you select the cut tool in Freehand and a point at which you'd like to cut it, done. In Illustrator, you select the cut tool and then randomly click around until somehow, whithout knowing how, you cut the line.

Another example: To join a path, in Freehand you select the points and choose join. You even get to see the points which are selected. In Illustrator you don't see what's selected exactly and join doesn't even work.

Try to set the line and fill colour of differently styled objects... "mixed styles selected" or something like that is displayed instead of "stroke" and "fill" so that I could actually change it.

Why does Adobe scrap a completely perfect piece of software for such a big ARGH?!?!