Firefox 3 was released just today and a great improvement for all photo enthusiasts. Previously only Apple's Safari browser respected the embedded colour profile within images and display every photo as intended. Firefox 2 as well as Internet Explorer 7 would always use the sRGB profile when displaying an image, thus photos that were saved with e.g. AdobeRGB looked flat and lifeless compared to what they looked like in Safari.

But not anymore! Firefox 3 has a neat option to respect the colour profile in images, unfortunately it's not turned on by default. There's an extension which enables this, but it's also possible to enable it by entering the mighty realm of the Firefox configuration. Type "about:config" in the addressbar and hit enter. In the filter textbox type "gfx" and look for "gfx.color_management.enabled" double click it to make it "true", restart Firefox and you're done.

It has not been enabled by default, because there's a slight performance penalty with this option turned on. Also it is said that plugins don't yet know about colour profiles which could lead to some visual artifacts... whatever... :-)

More on that topic here.


Deutsche Übersetzung wie das im Firefox 3 zum Einstellen ist (danke Hannes Trapp):

Es gilt die selbe Warnung wie im englischen, angeblich wird der Browser dadurch etwas langsamer und es kann ein paar Probleme mit Add-ons geben. Ich hab davon allerdings noch nichts bemerkt.

1. "about:config" in die Adresszeile eintippen und Enter drücken.
2. den Eintrag "gfx.color_management.enabled" in der Liste finden
3. den genannten Eintrag doppelklicken, so dass dort wo vorher "false" stand dann "true" steht
4. Firefox beenden und neu starten
5. fertig