When I got the Zenit E from my father a while ago, I immediately began to search for some new lenses. The 50mm on it wasn't wide enough and lenses are quite cheap. So I bought a 28mm Robotar on ebay. While searching for it I also noticed a lot of people sold M42 lens adapters for Canon and there were even some for Nikon. I got curious.

After a while I picked up a cheap Revuenon 135mm f/2.8 lens for the Zenit (price was around 25€ including shipping) and I wanted to give it a try on the Nikon as well. I've always wanted a moderate but fast tele for my Nikon as well, but they're quite expensive and this seemed to be a cheap alternative. So when I received my adapter I immediately tried the Revuenon and it worked perfectly. There's no light meter and no Autofocus, but the AF dot indicator is working. I don't mind the light meter very much, I'm used to shoot in Manual anyway and that's exactly the mode you've got to use this lens in. It doesn't work in P/A/S or the vari programs.

First dissapointment was when I tried to screw the 28mm wideangle onto the adapter. I thought I was lucky and finally had a cheap and fast normal lens for the Nikon (the 50mm's field of view is too narrow most often). But the lens was too big and scratched the infinity correction lens on the adapter. I've now got a bad ring engraved in it. In the end, this is a "just for fun" solution anyway, so I didn't cared much and so far the pictures don't show any signs of this, but still as a word of warning: Be cautious when you get the version with the infinity correction lens and try a wideangle lens.

Here are some pictures that I shot with it.

The last one I took with the Zenit on Ilford Delta 400