Another one of those very nice Vista features is called User Access Control or UAC for short. For one it's responsible for the screen blackening and confirmation dialogs on a very basic task level already, on the other hand it's a big annoyance altogether. Improving computer security by annoying users is the wrong way.

Anyway, where UAC becomes really really annoying is when it denies my permission. For example today, I move folder Z in X\Y\Z into folder X, getting rid of folder Y. So I mark folder Z, cut it and try to paste it into X (copy&paste on folders and documents is a nice feature btw). So, vista asks for permission, because obviously even in my own documents folder it's not allowed to move things around without clicking a button first. I tell it that it's okay and the process goes on and just minutes later tells me that I don't have permission to do that. Sorry!? In my own user's documents folder I don't have permission to move things around!? Frustrated I turn to this place and put the story here which reminds me that I was in a similar situation already where I've found the solution: The problem really is that whenever Vista tells you this, it can't actually do it for a very different reason. In most cases there's a file open that's within Z which is how Vista complains about the impossibility to move it and while doing so blaming it on the user. I think in Linux it's possible for years to move open files around without even breaking the applications that have opened them. Microsoft was never able to do this and even in XP this had caused so much frustration when there was still an open file handle which prevented one from deleting a certain folder until the explorer was restarted.

I'm not going to chicken out this time and submit this story, even when i'm stupid enough to move a folder where there's a file still open (something which should really already work in 2008, come on!).