Pete Seeger and Lee Hays anticipated what would become the most feared tool in everyday office life in their famous song

"If I had a hammer"

And I am lucky that I have not. Windows Vista is Microsoft's most modern operating system and many have already fled to alternatives knowing well that modernity and intuitivity do not go well together. Whatever happens technology itself will be responsible for its demise. We should start thinking about a technology-after-life, about creating awkward cults with irrational belief systems... hmmm.... okay mark that done.

Whatever, this time it appears that my shiny matte black Dell Vostro 1400 laptop that runs Windows Vista stops making screenshots for no apparent reason. Part of my current work involves documenting the progress of an algorithm through several screenshots of the algorithm's graphical output which is where hitting "Print" to make a screenshot is not a nice feature anymore, but becomes really essential. But as simple as an operation like that, as obvious that in the end one must fail achieving this in Vista.

A small mathematical analysis: It is clear that the error probability for any real system is bigger than 0 for any given delta time greater than 0. Thus we can model the frustrating events as poisson processes with an interval that is indirect proportional to the error probability. An error probability of 1 for a time slot of epsilon that approaches 0 will however result in a division by zero exception, from which we can deduce the problem of Windows Vista: If we assume it has an error probability of 1, but want to keep living in our dreamworld where it is indirect proportional to the error probability of x we can calculate the time limit of successful and productive use of Windows Vista by creating the difference of assumption and believe, taking into account an unknown power that truly reflects the probability of error. In other and more mathematical words according to limit((1 - (1/x))^x, x -> infinity). The knowing reader probably already died of a heart attack (with probability P(X) = "very likely" [using Fuzzy logic]) grasping the consequences of this revelation! YES, the actual time limit is normal distributed according to the well known Euler number e! Who'd have thought such an "intelligent design"!?!

Update: It appears that only the screenshot of both desktops (dual monitor setup) doesn't work anymore, but somehow one can still create shortcuts of a single desktop using the magic hotkey Windows-Alt-Print!

Another Update: It works, it doesn't work, it works, it's playing games with me